Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Do I Need A Dentist Or Oral Surgeon For A Tooth Extraction?

If you need a tooth extraction, you may wonder whether you need a dentist or an oral surgeon. It’s important to choose the right one as both a dentist and an oral surgeon can extract teeth. Choosing the right one depends on the type of procedure and the amount of work needed to extract the tooth.

Where To Go First
If you are having any kind of trouble with your teeth, contact your dentist first. The dentist can pick out the best strategy in your case and whether an extraction can be performed in their office. If not, the dentist can refer you to an oral surgeon.

Going to an Oral Surgeon
Sometimes an oral surgeon is the only way to get a tooth extracted. There are a couple of cases in which an oral surgeon is needed. When the tooth is fully impacted down to its roots, taking it out generally requires the help of an oral surgeon.

If you have a more tricky facial structure for dentists to work with, this might also be a reason to send you to an oral surgeon. The unusual positioning of teeth may make it harder for a dentist to perform the extraction.

If the tooth is fractured or cracked, the extraction might make it more subject to breakage. An oral surgeon can help prevent this from occurring.

Some patients prefer not to experience the physical sensation of a tooth extraction. If you are a good candidate for anasthesia, an oral surgeon can put you to sleep during the process.

Studio City Dental Center
If you are in Los Angeles, Studio City Dental Center is a place where you can get experienced help in this situation. The team at the center does extractions as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If a referral is recommended, the team has trusted oral surgeons they count on to take good care of their patients. Studio City Dental Center can schedule your appointment today – just call us!

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