Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dental Extractions: What you need to know"

Dental extractions in Studio City are very common. Though unpleasant, this improves a person’s oral health. Working with professionals makes this procedure as quick and easy as possible. Tooth removal relieves pain and prevents serious issues from happening. The following are some basic things to know about tooth extractions.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction & How It Works

Teeth extractions happen for a variety of reasons. For example, there could be tooth decay or nerve issues, or there could simply be too many teeth in the mouth. Patients could also be suffering from gum disease. Extractions happen because a person is in pain or because the tooth or teeth are affecting a person's bite, eating, or overall oral health. The overall procedure should not take long at all. People can go about their days after the extraction.

When a patient comes in for a tooth extraction, local anesthetization is used to prevent against pain. This numbs the area so the patient is comfortable during the procedure and prevents against any sudden movements. Patients should know that there will be some bleeding, but that dentists will manage that. If more than one tooth is removed, then there could be a stronger anesthetic used. An impacted tooth may mean that some gum or bone tissue is cut away. The dentist uses forceps to steady and grip the tooth, usually rocking it back and forth to remove it. Hard pulls are uncommon, though sometimes necessary. The tooth is carefully removed and self-dissolving stitches are used.

Precautionary Steps After Removal

After the tooth is removed, the dentist will give the patient gauze. This absorbs any of the bleeding. The gauze pads may need to be replaced every so often. Additionally, it is recommended that people avoid smoking or using straws during this time. No one wants the extraction site to be irritated or infected. It is common for there to be some swelling and irritation, but proper care will lessen these side effects. Patients are also given mouthwash and it is recommended that they take painkillers and avoid hard foods for a while.

Following the procedure, it is normal to have a follow-up appointment. Dentists will want to monitor swelling and talk patients through next steps. Professionals may recommend further treatment to protect the person's mouth. For example, a dentist may walk patients through replacement tooth options to protect the mouth and make it easier to eat or less embarrassing to smile.

Tooth removal may be unpleasant but it is necessary for a person’s health. No one wants pain or affect their future oral health. Delaying extraction can only make issues worse, so it is important to talk to a dentist sooner rather than later. These procedures are quick and easy thanks to the latest advances. Professionals know how to keep patients comfortable while managing this. There are many options for dental extractions in Studio City that will benefit patients in the long run. Book an appointment today if you have some tooth pain, infection or gum disease issues.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How Dental Implants Keep Your Other Teeth Healthier

Dental implants are the modern solution to missing teeth. In addition to improving your smile and, in the process, your entire facial appearance, they can improve your dental health — and even your general health. Here are some of the primary advantages dental implants have over other prosthetic devices:

•    Permanence: Unlike dentures, implants are permanent and can be treated like natural teeth.
•    Strength: Dental implants are attached to the bone, which avoids the problems associated with dentures.
•    Comfort: Dental implants feel like real teeth and, once in place, will soon go unnoticed by the wearer.

Although teeth are more durable than most other parts of your body, they are usually not perfect. Ravaged by decay or damaged by accident, one or more teeth of them may have to come out. The loss of even one tooth can cause surrounding teeth to shift, resulting in their misalignment, and can also cause gum problems. Dental implants make it possible to restore your full set of teeth after such a loss.

The implant will serve as the root of whatever is being used to replace the missing tooth. Normally made of titanium, the implant is inserted directly into the jawbone. Through the process of osseointegration, it will soon become part of the bone. This technique will also help promote bone growth, which is good for the rest of your mouth. Additionally, it will make the replacement crown or bridge permanent.

The procedure is done in two steps, the first of which involves the placement of the implant itself. After a healing process that may take from four to six months, the artificial tooth or teeth will be attached to the implant. If you have lost any of your teeth, you should consider a dental implant procedure at Studio City Dental Center.

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