Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Avoid the Disastrous Effects of Periodontal Disease with Attention and Care

The gums and teeth are two of the most important components of the human body, but the care is often overlooked by the many. Periodontal disease is nothing to take lightly. This inflammatory gum disease can lead not only to tooth loss, but have an overall detrimental effect on the entire body.

The two main types of periodontal disease are called gingivitis, which causes inflamed sores in the gum line, and periodontitis, which is a more serious type of disease that severely affects the bones in the gums as well as the tissue connecting the teeth and gums.

Symptoms of periodontal disease include:

- Loose teeth
- Bad breath
- Receding gum line
- Swollen gums

Periodontal disease can be prevented by daily hygiene habits such as brushing at least twice a day, eating a well-balanced diet, flossing daily, receiving oral examinations and cleaning regularly and quitting smoking. This can prevent the more extensive procedures necessary for treating periodontal disease such as root planing and scaling and the more serious procedures such as guided tissue regeneration, flap surgery, soft tissue grafts and bone surgery.

Periodontal disease has also been connected to other serious inflammatory issues such as diabetes, heart disease along with conditions such as cancer, respiratory disease and osteoporosis. Preventing periodontal diseases can lessen the risk of developing these diseases, and reduce the severity of its symptoms if any of these conditions appear.

Here at Studio City Dental Center we help prevent the development of periodontal disease as well as treat mild and severe cases of the condition. Contact us today for a consultation and checkup to determine if action should be taken to avoid the complicated effects of periodontal disease!

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