Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly (Simple Tips)

Do you know how to brush your teeth properly? Most people don’t. Toothpaste and a toothbrush may be involved, but that’s where doing it right typically stops.
Many adults swipe the toothbrush around the mouth for a few seconds and rinse, often neglecting certain areas or specific teeth out of simple absent-mindedness. It’s not intentional; it just may be from not having been taught how to properly do it.
So then, how should you brush? Follow these best practices…
The Right Brush
Using the right type of toothbrush is more important than you think. A soft-bristled brush with rounded ends effectively removes plaque and food particles while adequately stimulating the gums. Your toothbrush should be small enough to reach your back teeth comfortably.
Make sure it’s in good condition. If you don’t replace your toothbrush regularly, you could be brushing ineffectively. Splayed bristles can damage the gums and inadequately remove plaque. Replace your toothbrush every three months, or as soon as it looks worn.
The Right Technique
Use short strokes to gently brush every tooth surface, making sure that you reach all the way to your molars. Hold the toothbrush vertically to reach behind the front teeth on the top and bottom. Don’t forget to brush along the gum line. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle where the teeth meet the gums, and gently wiggle it using small circular motions.
Be careful, brushing too hard can cause your gums to recede.
Before rinsing, brush your tongue to remove bacteria that leads to bad breath.
How Long Should You Brush For?
Most dentists agree that you should brush for two to three minutes. That can feel like forever. Set a timer to ensure that you’re giving yourself enough time.
If you want to make sure that your teeth are in the best condition, schedule a consultation with Dr. Zareh Kouyoumdjian, a cosmetic dentist in Studio City. We’ll provide a thorough cleaning and show you how to take care of your mouth to remain healthy and stay smiling!

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